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EnviroDynamix works with Urban Leaders and Decision-Makers to Develop and  

Implement Human-Centric and Environmentally Integrated Solutions & Projects 

 that ensure Resilient, Regenerative and Sustainable Urban Environments.


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ESG Strategies

We offer ESG analysis, Strategies and Program Development to help companies and organizations reach their ESG targets.

Disaster Risk & Urban Resilience Solutions

Focusing on Urban Resilience and adaptation from a 360˙ problem solving perspective, Disaster Risk Analysis & Reduction, Disaster Resilience & Strategic Planning, Implementation Planning and Recovery Plans.

Zero Waste

Our Zero Waste Lab is involved with a variety of strategies and projects focused on taking Urban Waste and turning it into viable products, as well as innovative ways to reduce waste, divert waste & where needed extend the life of landfills.

Whole City Solutions

Because there is often a great need to look at sustainability from a Whole Systems perspective, EnviroDynamix has developed expertise in helping cities bridge the gap between siloed solutions.


EnviroDynamix has created a sustainability framework for healthier urban habitats based on a combination of UN SDGs, Millennium Goals, ESG solutions and cross-sector Anthropology to better address true sustainability for urban environments.

Circles Anchor

Urban Solution


EnviroDynamix not only has a BrainTrust of international environmental problem solvers, but we work with cities and governments to help bridge the gap with whole systems solutions.

Zero Waste


We're tackling one of the biggest challenges our modern society faces with innovative zero waste solutions and projects that foster social good. Check out our latest projects.

Disaster Resilience


Our experts are on the cutting edge of disaster resilience solutions from hurricanes and flooding to earthquakes, drought scenarios and water security to fire hazards and other natural disaster scenarios.

Learn About Our Human-i-City Framework 

The EnviroDynamix Team has spent years working on what we call our Human-i-City Framework, based on a combination of the UN SDGs and sustainability benchmarks together with an anthropological base. 

Get to Know Us

EnviroDynamix is comprised of an amazing group of dedicated global experts who have come together with a passion for solving the world's most challenging environmental problems.

Learn About Our ESG Solutions Services

The EnviroDynamix Team also offers ESG Strategies and Solutions to help your company or organization attain the highest ESG rating and further promote true SUSTAINABILITY on every level.


360˙ Whole Systems Solutions Approach


Over 250 Cross-Industry Consulting Experts


The True Meaning

of People, Planet, Profit To Make Real Changes Happen

Our Real Difference

We are explorers.

We are grounded optimists.

We are inspired by challenges and know there is always a solution.

And Above All...We Are DOERS Who Achieve Results!

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Office Meeting

EnviroDynamix Announces New Executive Team Members

EnviroDynamix, Inc. started off 2022 with a bang and we're excited to announce that we have added two new members to our executive management team.  Jon Michael Huls-Garcia joins EnviroDynamix, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer and Leonard Robinson takes on the role of Chief Sustainability Officer. Alexandra Sokol continues as Chief Sustainability Strategist & VP of Project Develop, while acting as interim COO and Ari Casper-Silberman continues in her role as well as helping run the Atlanta & S.E. hub...


EnviroDynamix Announces Collaboration with Global Green USA and Green Cross International

EnviroDynamix Zero Waste Lab is proud to announce that we are working in partnership with Global Green USA on the first pilot project for our zero waste ZØasis Project™. The ZØasis Project™ will help cities turn an overabundance of plastic recycling and waste into viable outdoor public and children's playground products as well as needed economic development...

Cool Mask

Reframing Multicultural Community Resilience Solutions in the Face of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the largest global disruptions of our times. It has put massive pressures on government, health, social, and economic systems & has shown us where underlying deficiencies in planning and management on every level has fallen short. While disasters affect all of us, they do not affect us all equally. In major cities in the United States and elsewhere, we have seen the larger impact taking a toll on ethnic communities & low-income neighborhoods. A lack of understanding of how disasters effects different ethnic groups.....



If you are looking to start ESG programs or improve your ESG rating scores, we can help you on your road to success.


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